Settings of SubSupport

Display Language

Switching between apanese/English. After switching, reinvoke this software to display properly.

Settings Folder

Folder in which these settings will be stored. The location is fixed and can't be changed. "Show Folder" shows then contents of the folder.

This software saves all of the settings into the folder. So if you get updated version of this software, you can delete all of the previously unzipped software folder.

Temporary File Folder

Temporary audio waveform cache file will be stored in this folder.  So you don't have to reget waveform everytime you playback the movie.

You can delete the contents of this folder anytime. After that only thing you should do is clicking "Waveform" button.

"Total Waveform File Size limitation" means maximum total file size in this folder. If it exceeds this value, older cache files will be deleted automatically.

Font Size of Subtitles Editor Field

Determines font size of Subtitle Editor edit field.

Output Text File Line-Separator

Determines Line-Separator code of output text file (sbv/srt). Normally you don't have to change this. If you're using Linux, you may want to change it to LF only.

Input/Output encoding of this software is Unicode only (UTF-8). Writing without BOM

Screen Saver Blocking

"Block While Playback" blocks Screen Saver to run while playback.

Execution Environment

  • SubSupport:Version number of this software
  • Java Version:Version number of JRE(Java Runtime Environment)
  • JavaFX Version:Version number of JavaFX included in JRE
  • JVM Vender:JRE Vender name
  • OS Name:Os name you're using
  • OS Architecture:Os architecture you're using
  • OS Version:Os version number you're using
  • Executable:Location of the file you're running.
  • Plugins:Location of plugins folder which this software is using



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